13 December 2018

Swatch: Born Pretty Store - Chameleon Nail Polish - Destiny Fairy

[Indoors, No Flash]
[Indoors, Flash] 
Colour | Purple to Blue
Finish | Duochrome Flakie
Opacity | One Coat Over Black Shown
Brush Type | Slightly Flattened
How Much | 6ml
Anything Else | Really strong colour shift


12 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Green

Another day another polish battle, and this time it is the turn of my green polishes.

Barry M - Spearmint // Barry M - Matcha // A England - Puck a Fairy // A England - Catherine Howard // Born Pretty Store - Taj Mahal

Whittling down to my top three wasn't too hard for this round;

A England - Puck a Fairy is a stunning, vivid aqua colour. Really quite a statement polish and one which I would wear as is which is quite something!

A England - Catherine Howard is also a holographic green polish, this one is more muted than Puck a Fairy. But still a nice holographic green.

And the winner of this round is, Born Pretty Store - Taj Mahal. This is a super shifty duochrome polish, very strong colour change from purple to green. Can't stop looking at my nails when I wear this one.


10 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Pink

Today I am looking back on the pink polishes I have gained during 2018. For some unknown reason I have an extra nine this year!

OPI - The Color That Keeps On Giving // OPI - It's A Girl // OPI - Princesses Rule // OPI - You're Such a Budapest // OPI - Strawberry Margarita // BPS - All About Rose // Barry M - Nutmeg // OPI - A Rose At Dawn Broke By Noon // A England - Peaseblossom Fairy

My top three are;

BPS - All About Rose // Barry M - Nutmeg // A England - Peaseblossom Fairy

BPS - All About Rose, is a lavender toned pink polish. Nice background polish for nail art.

Barry M - Nutmeg is more of a nude tone pink polish. The formula on this polish is great, and the brush is flat, wide and rounded at the cuticle.

And the winner of the pink polishes is A England - Peaseblossom Fairy, I really like this polish, especially for a pink! It is really quite vivid and holographic in finish.


9 December 2018

Empties: November 2018

No nail polishes used up in November, but a few bits and bobs.

OPI AvoJuice - Sweet Lemon Sage | I like AvoJuice in general, it is a good hand lotion which sinks in quickly and leaves a lingering scent. This particular one though wasn't my favourite scent and so I wouldn't purchase this scent again.
Fortune Cookie Soap - Cuticle Oil - One C | Main ingredients of this is jojoba and vitamin e which is great. I liked the dropper applicator on this as well. Overall this was a good cuticle oil.
The Body Shop - Born Lippy Strawberry | I'm not the biggest fan of a pot of lip balm, I prefer the tubes. This one was full of nostalgia scent wise. It was also tinted red which did show on my lips.
Lip Smacker - Fanta Strawberry | I liked this because it was in a tube, I've never seen strawberry Fanta anywhere to know if it scented similarly. It does what it is supposed to and smells nice, so I would repurchase this.

Argan Oil - Conditioner | I got this from Poundland and was quite surprised by how much I liked it. I would repurchase.
Dr Carver Shave Butter | This came free with something, it made my legs feel soft after using it but I didn't find it changed the shaving experience. I wouldn't purchase this.
Baylis and Harding Shower Gel - Midnight Fig and Pomegranate | I liked the scent on this shower gel, quite dark and fig like. I am just a convert to different bottle designs, this one was a pain to screw and unscrew while in the shower.

Lush - Bewitched Bubble Bar | I really liked this one, it turned the water a deep purple colour. The scent was quite berry like and it made a nice shimmer in the water which didn't stick to me or the bath afterwards. I would repurchase this.
Lush - Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Heady, patchouli and warm pepper but soft vanilla. I really like this bath bomb and the scent does linger on your skin. It is a Halloween limited edition but I will be buying more if they bring them back for 2019 [review].

Super Hit Incense | This is a very marmite type scent, some will hate it while others love it. I quite like it, it is nostalgic of the 90's to me. I'm not sure I would buy it again as I prefer Nag Champa.
Yankee Candle - Black Cherry Wax Tart | This is one of those tarts I buy time and time again, its a deep cherry scent which has a good scent throw as well as being long lasting.

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