18 April 2015

Stamping Plate: MoYou - 70

MoYou-Nails-70-Stamping-Plate-review-demo MoYou-Nails-70-Stamping-Plate-review-demo

This stamping plate is backed with branded paper, which means it doesn't have sharp edges which is always good from someone as clumsy as me! This particular plate is sailor themed.


MoYou 70 has seven individual images on it, they all stamped relatively well. The anchor was the image I had the most problems with getting a clean stamp. That said they all stamped first time as shown below.


MoYou 70


17 April 2015

Swatch: Jade - Magia Negra

swatch-jade-magia-negra swatch-jade-magia-negra
swatch-jade-magia-negra swatch-jade-magia-negra

Colour: Grey
Finish: Holographic
Opacity: 2 Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 8ml

15 April 2015

Review: Soap and Glory - Peaches and Clean

"This facial cleanser has our special clogged T-zone formula includes peach extract, quillaja bark, jojoba oil, Detoxyboost™ technology and Poreshrink R2™ . Deep cleanse your face today" - Soap and Glory

The texture of this is quite thin, similar to a lotion or shampoo. So you need a couple of pumps to cover your face.

Scent is lightly of peaches but not in your face as the name of the product suggests.

Claims to purify, energise and melt away make up.

It does works as a cleanser but you can't use it to remove eye make up as the fruit acids sting your eyes.

I prefer to use it as a mask, the fruit enzymes help to chemically exfoliate your skin. I wouldn't leave it on for too long though as it can turn your skin pink, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

So while I do like this, it isn't something I would buy again. I find the Superdrug vitamin E hot cloth cleanser cheaper and easier to use as it can be used for eye make up as well.

The packaging has changed slightly since I took the photo but the product is the same.

200ml - Boots


14 April 2015

Nails: Black and White Filigree

Here are some nails from the vault, these are from 2010 when I was very new at stamping...


Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 21

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