25 February 2015

Swatch: Quirk - Dead of Night


Colour: Blackened Green, Blue
Finish: Duochrome
Opacity: One coat over black


Review: Avon Bubble Bath - Watermelon

review-avon-watermelon-bubble-bath review-avon-watermelon-bubble-bath

This isn't a huge bubble bath, 500ml which is a good size. I used one from Avon in Vanilla and Blackberry scent which was 1000ml.

I didn't find this to have a strong scent, once in the water I could barely smell the watermelon. The fragrance didn't scent my skin nor the water. It created some bubbles but not as many as other Avon bubble bath's have.

Overall I wasn't really impressed with this particular bubble bath, there wasn't anything particularly bad about it just it didn't really do much.


24 February 2015

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