15 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Purple

Ten new purple polishes this past year!

Born Pretty Store - Tender // Nails Inc - Shake That Tail // Barry M - Rhubarb // A England - The Most Happy // Avon - Purplelicious // Nails Inc - Hot To Trot // Nails Inc - Rainbow Hooves // OPI - Wanna Wrap? // OPI - Black Cherry Chutney // OPI - Holidazed Over You

First was the task of picking my top three;

Barry M - Rhubarb is a beautiful berry shade, a warm toned purple, the brush is flat, wide and rounded at cuticle which is my preferred brush type.

Avon - Purplelicious is a cool toned purple, exactly what you would want from a purple shade.

The winner however is Nails Inc - Rainbow Hooves, a dark purple glitter shade. Something which is really nice for the winter months.


13 December 2018

Swatch: Born Pretty Store - Chameleon Nail Polish - Destiny Fairy

[Indoors, No Flash]
[Indoors, Flash] 
Colour | Purple to Blue
Finish | Duochrome Flakie
Opacity | One Coat Over Black Shown
Brush Type | Slightly Flattened
How Much | 6ml
Anything Else | Really strong colour shift


12 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Green

Another day another polish battle, and this time it is the turn of my green polishes.

Barry M - Spearmint // Barry M - Matcha // A England - Puck a Fairy // A England - Catherine Howard // Born Pretty Store - Taj Mahal

Whittling down to my top three wasn't too hard for this round;

A England - Puck a Fairy is a stunning, vivid aqua colour. Really quite a statement polish and one which I would wear as is which is quite something!

A England - Catherine Howard is also a holographic green polish, this one is more muted than Puck a Fairy. But still a nice holographic green.

And the winner of this round is, Born Pretty Store - Taj Mahal. This is a super shifty duochrome polish, very strong colour change from purple to green. Can't stop looking at my nails when I wear this one.


10 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Pink

Today I am looking back on the pink polishes I have gained during 2018. For some unknown reason I have an extra nine this year!

OPI - The Color That Keeps On Giving // OPI - It's A Girl // OPI - Princesses Rule // OPI - You're Such a Budapest // OPI - Strawberry Margarita // BPS - All About Rose // Barry M - Nutmeg // OPI - A Rose At Dawn Broke By Noon // A England - Peaseblossom Fairy

My top three are;

BPS - All About Rose // Barry M - Nutmeg // A England - Peaseblossom Fairy

BPS - All About Rose, is a lavender toned pink polish. Nice background polish for nail art.

Barry M - Nutmeg is more of a nude tone pink polish. The formula on this polish is great, and the brush is flat, wide and rounded at the cuticle.

And the winner of the pink polishes is A England - Peaseblossom Fairy, I really like this polish, especially for a pink! It is really quite vivid and holographic in finish.

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