1 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Green

For today's green challenge I decided to use OPI's Live and Let Die and Rimmel's Camouflage. I think the technique I used is called cloud nails? Either way I am sure I will do a tutorial soon as this is easy to do and looks effective.

Rimmel - Camouflage


Swatch: Barry M - Pomegranate Gelly Hi Shine


Colour: Vibrant Pinky
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much: 10ml


31 July 2014

GOT: Glitter

Golden Oldie Thursday is here again and today the prompt was glitter, I chose Barry M's Jewel Britannia which I got during August 2012. I think it was something to do with the Queen's Jubilee. This is a glitter gradient over a black base.


Jess - Midnight
Barry M - Jewel Britannia


30 July 2014

Review: Lush - The Christmas Penguin


"P-P-P Pop in a Penguin! This fun bubble bar is modelled on Little Penguins found on Philip Island, Australia – they’re the smallest penguins in the world! With orange flower absolute and mandarin oil this cheerful chap will create refreshing and uplifting bubbles" - Lush

Another of the Lush treats I got for Christmas, this little bubble bar is small and while I tried to use half of it I didn't find it to work out, so I ended up using the whole penguin in one bath.

The penguin was very cute and I was reluctant to use him because of this! He wasn't too hard and I managed to easily crumble it up with one hand.


This turned the water a baby blur shade and the smell was very fresh and quite invigorating. Not a bath I would want to experience if I was about to go to bed, or trying to relax in. That said it did wake me up and stop me from feeling so lethargic.

There was no glitter, shimmer and it had no bits in which was a good thing. It wasn't moisturising which meant the clean up of the bath afterwards was quick and easy.

Similar to Pop in the Bath and Dorothy from Lush. This didn't leave a scent on my skin afterwards either. Visually the bubble bar was cute and it made a good amount of bubbles.


29 July 2014

Nails: Wedding Guest

I went to a wedding during the summer as a guest and these are the nails I wore for it:



And what would a wedding post be without this gorgeous flower bride's bouquet.
She made it herself too!



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