24 September 2018

Swatch: Barry M - Matcha


Colour: Kharki Green
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml


23 September 2018

Stamping Plate: MoYou - Halloween Style 456*


MoYou 456 is one of the square shaped plates measuring at 5.5cm by 5.5cm. It comes packaged in a cardboard slip sleeve and with a protective blue coating which you peel off to reveal the images.


This plate has many images on it, a collage style, all of the designs are Halloween themed.


Trying to show how well the images stamp across is difficult on a plate with so many images. However as you can see they all stamped across really well.

I like the a lot of the images and not sure I could pick a favourite image!

Here are some nails I have done using this plate;

[Orange Halloween]
[Moonless Night]


22 September 2018

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster Holiday Collection H12 (BMH12)

Continuing to review of Bundle Monster 'Holiday Collection' which consists of 25 different plates.

BM H12 is a Autumn / Fall themed plate.


This stamping plate is backed with branded backing, so it doesn't have sharp edges, each plate has six images on them. This particular plate has two full nail images and four smaller images.


All of the images stamped across really well. From the plate, I really like the pumpkins they are so cute!

Here are some nails I have done using this plate:

[Acorn Nails]
You should be able to see all of the nail art I used this plate in here.


21 September 2018

#NailCraziesUnite: Drink

I wanted to recreate some Fanta inspired nails I did in 2011, I think now I could freehand pain them better but I ran out of time and ended up with these.

Base Polish | Barry M - Papaya
Stamping Polish | Color Club - Wham Pow!
Stamping Plate | UberChic - Texture-Licious 01


20 September 2018

Swatch: OPI - Desperately Seeking Sequins


Colour: Holographic
Finish: Glitters; hex and strand, in clear base
Opacity: One Coat Shown
Brush Type: Flat and Wide
How Much? 15ml

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