20 January 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Red and Pink - Smear for Smear

I am a little early with my nail art for the Smear for Smear campaign. However I think the nails also tie in with the pink / red themed challenge for 26 great nail art ideas.

[picture from bnailedtoperfection]

The idea is during 22nd - 28th January it is smear for smear week, whereby people in the UK raise awareness for how important it is to get your cervical screening test done, as uncomfortable and embarrassing as it is. People who have a cervix need to get them checked! Sera worded the importance much better than I could (read it here).

Traditionally you smear your lipstick and post a selfie, me being a nail art person started with a light pink base and stamped some red lips on to my nails and then smeared those with acetone.


Base Polishes: 
A England - The Beggars Maid
Leighton Denny - Leading Lady
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Pomegranate
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 303

Black Striping Tape


19 January 2017

Swatch: Freckles - French Martini


Colour: Purple
Finish: Holographic
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type? Standard
How Much? 10ml


15 January 2017

Shopping: December 2016 (Nail Polish Edition)

I was lucky enough to receive some nail polishes for Christmas and thought I would share these pretties today;

Barry M Polishes
Blueberry // Almond // Dragon Fruit // Cotton // Black Pistachio // Black Forest

Papaya // Pink Punch // Acai Smoothie // Slip Stream // Black

A England Polishes
Whispering Waves // Proserpine // The Beggar Maid // King Cophetua // In Robe and Crown // Incense Burner

Barry M - Icicle // Barry M - Gingerbread // Nails Inc - Baker Street // Nails Inc - Marylebone Street // Avon - Lilac Love // Avon - Diamond


12 January 2017

Swatch: Sally Hansen - Plum Luck 640


Colour: Purple
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat and Wide
How Much? 14.7ml

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