30 June 2010

Review: ELF - Mineral Lipstick

What they say ~ Now you can hydrate your lips and get a lasting soft color naturally! This nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts create the perfect moisturizing formula. The sleek lipstick has superior color payoff, glides easily onto lips, and is long wearing. Lips stay perfectly hydrated and soft throughout the day for no fuss, lip loving happiness. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

What I say ~ This one is in the shade Barely Bitten and its like a medium pink colour, it has a bit of a golden shimmer to it but not too much. Its nice and moisturising and I really like the colour its almost like my own lips but a bit better. A nice day sort of a colour, oh and I do like the black packaging!

Would I buy it again ~ I really think that I would buy this colour again actually which is something for me as I am a chapstick addict and always have one of those on me!


What I say ~ This one is in the shade Cheerful Cherry and its super pigmented, its a really deep colour nice and a warm red / burgendy kind of a colour. It is a lot darker than it looks on the website, I do like it though despite it being more of an evening colour.

Would I buy it again ~ I might buy it again, its quite deep though and so probably will take some time to use up!


29 June 2010

Review: Maybelline - Dream Mousse Bronzer

What they say ~ Achieve a beautiful, bronzed look with an amazing air-soft feel, one easy sweep of the finger! Air-whipped formula allows you to build up as much colour as you like. No fuss application. Wash off.

What I say ~ Well I can't deny that this is a wash off product and it does have a soft feel to it similar to the foundation. Another product I seem to have bought for no reason as I dont do bronzers! The main problem I have with this is how it is so shimmery / almost glittery, I mean when you get a natural tan there is no shimmer and it almost makes you look extra shiney and greasy. This shade seems to be quite dark against my fair skin although it does blend very easily.

Would I buy it again ~ Simple answer, no. I got it in a pound shop so I am not gutted about it. Will I ever actually use it, not really!


28 June 2010

Swatch: ELF - Pearl

What they say ~ This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting nail color with high shine. The aerodynamic bristle design glides color on flawlessly, while the quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients give nails that natural shine, infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

What I say ~ Well this so isnt my colour but seeing as I have it I thought I would review it! I do really like the bottle its nice and different with the leak look. Shame that ELF decided to discontinue the feature as it looks different from all other ones I have seen before. The above picture was with two coats. Its a nice enough nail polish I will say that but I dont really know what to say as I dont like the colour, I dont know what came over me to buy it!


27 June 2010

Review: ELF - Professional Blending Brush

ELF Professional Blending Brush - Well I didnt seem to have ever thought I would need a blending brush and thought the whole idea was some sort of pointless brush people wanted you to buy so they can line their pockets. But in actual face I really like this brush and have used it every day so far! I like how it is quite fluffy but tapered at the top of it, I dipped it a tiny bit in a darker colour and blended the colour in the crease. Would recommend this brush especially for £1.50


26 June 2010

Nails: Stamped Dots

Base: Nails Inc - Electric Teal
Stamping Plate: M60
Stamping Polish: ELF - Teal


25 June 2010

Nails: Animal Print

Base:  ELF - Lilac
Stamping Plate: M78
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black


24 June 2010

15 June 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail

This lush cocktail has to be up there as one of my faves. It is 1/2 of a avobath (the larger size ones) and half a chunk of you've been mangoed. It is very revitalising and makes you smell like mangos, moisturising as well so dont rinse your hair off in this water! The only thing for me missing is bubbles but neither of these products are designed for that so thats why! I would and have bought both of these items time and time again.

8 June 2010

Review: ELF - Luscious Liquid Lipstick

This is a review for the liquid lipstick by ELF. I really like this product it is great for £1.50. The two colours are Maple Sugar and Cherry Tart and can be seen swatched below. They both are supposed to smell of vanilla mint although all I can smell is mint which isnt a bad thing. There is no taste and its not too gloopy. The instructions say to twist 10-12 times to get the product coming out but this really wasnt the case, was at least 50 times! But thats only the first time using it.

Maple Sugar - This is a brown colour in the tube and looks almost as if it has golden shimmer in it. Once applied to the lips it makes them almost beige in colour, tones down the red in my lips and really makes the shine and look nice. I dont usually go for a brown colour but may buy this colour again - 7/10

Cherry Tart - This one is a pinky red colour in the tube, looks very matte and has no shimmer to it. Once its on my lips it seems to be a sheer light red colour, nothing too intense but improves on my natural lip colour. Makes the lips nice and glossy but not too much. I do usually go for colours similar to this and would buy it again no questions asked. - 9/10

7 June 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail

Well I have got such a massive passion for lush and of course Lush Bath Sunday! Anyhow today was no different and I opted to try out 'The Ex-Factor' which is one from valentines day and 1/3 chunk of Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds.

I did quite like this bath with it being blue, smelt of patchuli. I think that the ex factor didnt have any scent really just helped the water turn blue. Wouldnt buy the ex factor again.

6 June 2010

Review: Waitrose - Baby Bottom Butter

Firstly I want to say hi to my followers! I seem to have four of you already so thank you and I hope that my random rambling doesnt put you off!

Now on to the review, this product is from Waitrose. It was about a year and a half ago when I got this product, my bloke got me it because he gets a discount and wanted to know why everyone was raving about it. Well I have to say it is a very intensive moisturising product, I did try and use it on my face but it was too greasy for that and made me break out. I find it good for stretch marks and a similar product to the Palmers Coco butter.

Would I buy this again? I doubt it, its taken a long time to use up which is good I suppose although its just too intensive and doesnt soak in quick. I might buy it in the future to use on a babys bottom but not on my skin!

3/10 (over hyped product)

2 June 2010

Review: ELF - Mineral Eyeshadow

Mineral Eyeshadow in Seductive - I really like this matte black eyeshadow, its not as dark on the skin but again it is easy to build up for that great smokey look. Fave one of the mineral eyeshadows definatly.

Mineral Eyeshadow in Wild - This on the website looks nice and dark but in real life its lighter and has gold twinkles in, very shimmery. Not really a colour I would have gone for usually but its pigmented when you apply lots and the glitter doesnt stick so that isnt a problem. I do think a darker brown should be made.

Mineral Eyeshadow in Partier - Looks shimmery on the website but it is actually matte. Eyeshadow looks darker in the pot than on the skin but it is easy to build up to reach a darker shade.

Mineral Eyeshadow in Royal - You can see how shimmery this is in the swatch, it is a really nice deep colour but the only improvement would be make it matte, but then again I do prefer matte eyeshadows!

Overall I really like the mineral eyeshadows from ELF, the holes are a little bit too big in the sifters which can make things a little messy. Nicely pigmented, blendable and are finely milled for smooth application.
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