4 July 2010

Review: Johnson & Johnson - Hair Minimising Body Lotion

What they say ~ A rich, fast-absorbing patented formula containing soy proteins and essential oils to soften and smooth skin. Clinical studies show that 8 weeks of daily use reduces the need to shave by 50%. Contains patented Johnson & Johnson SOY technology. Softens hair follicles and slows hair regrowth so shaving is reduced. Attractive fresh fragrance.

What I say ~ Firstly I bought this by accident, I was after some creamy moisturiser for my legs! I was expecting this to be awful though when I noticed it wasnt what I was expecting, you know like those hair removal creams. Anyhow it doesnt smell like that its more a fresh sort of a smell and it doesnt burn or hurt when its on your skin. You will have to excuse the photo of the consistancy because it does look a little bit wrong! Its like a watery creamy sort of consitstancy not too bad actually. It is a average moisturiser and does the job I wanted it for. And it doesnt hurt after shaving! However as for the claims of not having to shave well thats rubbish it hasnt had any effect on the amount I shave and I havent noticed the hair being any different.

Would I buy it again ~ Well the price tag is about £5 but I picked it up in the poundshop, for the price I might get it again but purely for the moistursing properties rather than the hair mininmising ones. Chances are though I wouldnt bother.



  1. This seems interesting, didn't see it before. I may buy one too. :-)

  2. Well for a pound I think its worth a go! Hehe!


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