1 August 2010

Favourite's of July

So never done this either and it was really difficult to choose a few things!

Okay so I chose my ELF mineral boost powder its good for the summer, nice and light! To go with that is my kabuki brush from primark. ELF luscious lipstick in strawberry, a very warm pinky colour.
ELF waterproof eyeliner pen in plum, what a total surprise! Its amazing, I always avoided any pen and used a pot with like a brush, normally barry m but this stuff is so easy to use and stays put all day. 
. Just gives a quick and light face for summer, layers of make up tend to come off in the warmth on me. Oh and my perfume is harajuki lovers in music.


  1. I love how the kabuki and the bottle of the perfume look! :)


  2. aaww, the perfume bottle is soooo cute!!!

    take care,


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