10 September 2010

Swatch: ELF - Nail Polish - Nude

So this is the polish in nude, its a really light and sheer colour which makes it perfect for a french manicured look. Other than that I don't have much to say on it! Good price and serves its purpose well.

£1.50 for 10ml


  1. How about a swatch? :) Or doesn't it show up at all?

  2. Done a little swatch and edited the blog, hope it helps :)

  3. Thanks! ;) Well it looks clear, doesn't it?

  4. Yes it does! With the white underneth, sort of in french manicure style it makes it dull out and look better. Didnt know that it looked like clear though so if I ever ran out I know I could use that one now lol!

  5. lol yep it looks almost clear! and that's 3 coats you say on the pic!

  6. Yep three coats on the pinky finger.


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