27 November 2010

Nails: Black Polka Dots

I love love love this! So subtle and black! Always am on the hunt for something black with black spots, quite a difficult task actually!

ELF - Black
ELF - Matte Top Coat


  1. This looks so cool! :-) Would you mind doing short tutorial in pictures if you have time? Because i'd love to be able to make these dots too. :-)

  2. @ makeupjelena yeah sure I can :) be a few days though. Are you on twitter btw?

  3. I was wondering.. why the hell would anyone want a matte top coat elf..
    then I saw this.. BRILLIANT GIRL :)

  4. @Dyna yeah I have to say I am prefering the matte top coat more for little definition rather than all over the nail :)

    @Samispoon why thank you :P

  5. Heh you won't believe but i'm not on twitter, just facebook. ;-) Can't wait for the tutorial! :-)

  6. @makeupjelena not to worry, I only ask because on there the other day I was asking about tutorials and if I should do them or not! :D

  7. You should definitely do tutorials, the one you posted today was great!:-)

  8. @ makeupjelena thank you! :D


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