15 April 2011

Review: ELF - Flirty Eyelash Palettes

I got this way back in May last year! I have actually worn the glitter lashes and they are amazing! I wore them when I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show and when you go see that you have to dress up, its like the law or something!

I really liked these lashes they held up very well, and the gems stayed put which is important.

The review is only being written now because I finally got around to trying out the other pair of lashes, these are the dramatic ones. I wear glasses and contacts, my lashes are naturally long which is a pain when wearing the glasses! But generally I wouldnt wear falsies unless they were a bit different like the diamond lashes or crazy ones because mine are long enough. If you look closely you can see my lashes are almost as long as the falsies.

This pair are nice as well although for me personally I don't find them dramatic as the name of them would suggest, but that's because my lashes are long to begin with. The seam is nice and thin which is always a positive thing!

For the price they are really good lashes and I would repurchase them again purely for the diamond ones. My only complaint is with the glue but that is typically bad in false lash packs. I have one by Eyelure which is nice, works and cheap but thats for another review!

£3 ~ Both pairs

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