31 May 2011

Tuesday Tips #6 - Make eyeliner last!

So I came across this idea from the rather fantastic Maxine on YouTube in one of her tutorials she recommended using a Sugarpill product to enable eyeliner to stay where you put it. Now I for one after a while suffer with the transfer problem that after a while the eyeliner seems to transefer and print up on to the upper eyelid which of course isn't an attractive look!

Basically her tip was to use this Sugar Pill product as a sealer to seal in your eyeliner. While I did look in to it the product mentioned was too expensive for myself, and that is when inspiration struck and I tried out ELF's Primer / Sealer product, in particularly the sealer end.

Long story short the ELF sealer end of the product helps any cream, gel, Kohl pencil eyeliner to last. It as the name suggests seals in the eyeliner. No transfer and it lasts for well over eight hours. I have tried this out time and time again and I love it, makes things stay put! Now for for a product I was umm-ing and arr-ing about re-purchasing for this purpose alone I would buy again!

Try it and let me know what you think :D

29 May 2011

Review: ELF - Natural Looking Lush Lashes

I ordered these a while ago and when I received them they didn't look even, one was a lot more dramatic however after a quick email I was sent out a new set of lashes and these are the ones I am reviewing. The customer service for Eyes Lips Face UK is wonderful though, very much worth noting.

Now in the pack they don't look particularly natural however when they are on they do

I did however come across a problem

Not sure if the photo depicts it well or not but my natural eyelashes poke out from underneath the false lashes! And so I think these lashes aren't good for me, however that's because my lashes are quite long to begin with. But if you have short lashes they would look natural and luscious which is what you are aiming for.

Hope you can ignore the dodgy eyeliner but I was also trying out a new eyeliner pen. Clearly need to work on the technique! I'd recommend them if you haven't long lashes to begin with, however DO buy some different glue as the one provided isn't good. I use one by Allure which lasts for ages and its good too.


£1.50 - ELF

28 May 2011

Swatch: Models Own Black / Red

Models Own nail polish in Black / Red

I was a little disappointed with this polish because it looks very much dark brown, the only way it looks red is if you hold it up to the light and through the tips of your nails its deep red. So I thought I'd spice it up a little by adding a flower, although you cant really see the yellow centre...

This is quite similar to Barry M's Black Red 

27 May 2011

Loyalty Card

(very hard to photograph)

As you probably all know Superdrug have released their loyalty card. 

I wouldn't stay loyal to any company because of their card, I don't think falling in to that trap is good financially. Especially as seeing as Superdrug offers only one point per GBP.

However I think its still handy to have, because sometimes your near to Superdrug and pop in for the odd thing, or Boots don't have whatever you would like in their stock range. So not something that would sway the way I personally shop.

Another little bonus is the fact it has a reflective surface on it, for touch ups on the go when you seem to have misplaced that compact! Which you could use even if you don't bother registering!

Will you bother picking one up?

Review: Eyeko - Cosmic Polish

After I did a review sort of thing on my experience with Eyeko I thought it may be nice to just review a couple of the products I got with that order.

They say ~ Eyeko Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails. Unique midnight black shade loaded with multi-coloured glitters like fireworks in a night sky!

So this was supposed to be a photo of the brush and the bottle size but not sure if it shows up too well

As the photo suggests this is one coat, which actually totally suprised me as to how opaque it was

Still needed a second coat though so went on to do that

Now which that left the nails nice and coated in the polish it was still a little bit gritty to touch and so I applied my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat to the top which made them look amazing

So beautifully smooth and shiney! I adore the colour its a very dark navy / black colour with coloured glitter. I am not usually a fan of glitter but I like this a lot!

The bottle is smaller than a standard sized polish and really is over priced at £5 however it is stunning but if I could find a dupe I would. I paid £3.33 for this as part of a three for £10 offer which for me is still over priced for such a small bottle.


£5 - 8.5ml

26 May 2011

Review: Primark Mascara - Ball Games

Got this back in April and I actually really am liking it, very cheap at less than £3 and I have heard that it is dupe for L'├ôreal telescopic explosion which is around the £8 mark. Also a dupe for Givenchy's Phenomenon'Eyes which comes in around £20. I would recommend this, at the price even if you only end up using it on your bottom lashes then its fine.

What do I like?
 Fact you can see the brush in the packaging
 Cheap price tag
 Amazing brush for little lashes
 No flaking
 No clumping 
 Not waterproof so easy to remove

What don't I like?
 It takes a while to coat all lashes due to small size
 Excessive packaging

8 / 10

Have you tried one of these ball mascara wands?

Tutorial: Black and White Butterflies

Attempting a butterfly look today! Not being that arty I wasnt sure how it would turn out!

You will need:
- Home made rhinestone pick
- Little rhinestone, I ended up using a black one
- White Nail Art Pen
- Black Nail Art Pen
- Black Nail Polish [I picked ELF's]

Begin by painting your nails black

Using the white nail art pen striper sweep a line across the nail

Fill in the top of the nail white

Use the black nail art pen striper to draw a line over the nail

Paint on a butterfly, and stick on a gem for the body

25 May 2011

Nail of the Day - Green and purple tips

Not bad of a nail but kind of actually reminds me of NHS scrubs, not too fab!

24 May 2011

Tuesday Tips #5 - Stamping Nail Art

[photo from verbotomy]

Seriously important tip! Be so careful when handling nail art stamping plates because you may end up being injured! Unlikely I for one thought until I ended up slashing up 7 of my fingers unknowingly while holding my plates. I didn't even notice until there appeared to be lots of red nail polish on the plates.... thing is, its weren't polish! 

Learn from MY mistakes wont you!

23 May 2011

Challenge: Long Lost Polishes

Basically this was a week long challenge whereby I wore a different polish each day which I hadn't worn in a while or that was new and hadn't gotten around to wearing. Idea was suggested in a post that Terri did.

I've highlighted the polish names that I havent reached for in a long time!


Base: 17 - Peacock
Top: Sleek - Poison Ivy


Base: Primark - Glo Baby Glo Frosting
French: No.7 - Betty Blues


Base: ELF - Mango Madness
Crackle: Barry M - Instant Effects Black


Base: ELF - Black
Models Own White Nail Pen
Models Own Black Nail Pen
George - Buttercup Shine


Base: ELF - Black
Stamping Colour: Stargazer - 157
Stamping Plate: M61


OPI - My Private Jet


Models Own - Black / Red

Review: Montagne Jeunesse - Fruit Smoothie Face Masque

They say: Deeply Cleansed, Fresh & Sparkling. Crushed Raspberry & Mango. FOR NORMAL, DRY AND T-ZONE SKIN. Fresh, Clean and Smooth Skin. Bursting with healthy goodness, our thick smoothie treat of Raspberry, Mango, Apricot, Peach & Pomegranate isn't a drink but it is bound to leave you in a smiley mood - with fresher, cleansed and softer skin! Sexy natural fruity skincare.

I say - First thing I noticed was how the packaging was quite easy to open, which me being a total weakling really appreciates! It smelled amazingly fruity, the strongest scent was the mango. It was a thick cream texture and applied really easily. Still managed to get some in my hair though! Oh and I would have had enough for another go of this but I lost the sachet...

It dries up quite fast and you have got to be careful about laughing, smiling etc because it will crack!

At that point I thought maybe that's what my skin will look like in the future! Scary!

Anyhow after a while I washed it off, which wasn't too easy because it had all dried on. Once I had though my skin was completely amazingly smooth! Over all I would recommend this one, its cheap and is nice for one of those girly nights in.


£1 - 20g
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