12 April 2012

Review: Batiste - Blush

This review is for the travel sized batiste in the scent Blush.

I think having a travel sized bottle is quite a good idea for weekends away, or even  a week. The bottle contains 30g of product which depending on how much you use would probably last a week. Really good for slipping in to your handbag for a bit of a boost if you were going straight from work out for a night out.

Scent: Blush is a floral scent, nothing too overpowering but quite obvious
Worth it? You don't get much for your money in the travel size ones
Turn you grey?: You need to be extra careful with this one to avoid this
 Recommend it: I would the product but perhaps not the scent
Repurchase?: If I were going for a holiday I may purchase another scent travel sized spray

How much: 50ml / 30g
£1.50 - Superdrug


  1. The travel sized ones are really handy! My favourite is the coloured one for dark hair. No grey! :)

    1. I've tried that one seemed to have left more of a grey look than the others I have tried! May need to try it again see if they have changed their ingredients.

  2. can u yr post more info on the travel sized dooda fr my hair, thanks

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, I would like to help you but could you be a little more specific as to what you are wanting help with?

  3. hmmm never understood what those dry shampoos are for exactly o.O i mean sure, they seem to keep your hair fresh for another day or two but why not just... wash?

    1. It gives my hair texture which helps styling it when it gets too slippy straight after washing. I also like it for second day hair when the roots are a bit meh but the rest, after about 3cm is fine and doesn't need washing. Plus I can do a lot more with my hair, much more manageable. I have that much hair it's a pain to wash and dry, it's much better for my hair to not wash it everyday.

      It all depends on your hair type, if you wash it everyday and that works for you and your hair go for it. :) oh and they are fab for festivals! :P

    2. i only wash once a week *cough* but now im thinking about buying one to try for styling o.O... gah... poor bank account again!

    3. Try a cheaper one first to see how you like it before spending a bit more on one :)


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