24 April 2012

Swatch: Sleek - Poison Ivy

Finish: Somewhere between a shimmer and a frost
Longevity: Use a top coat otherwise it will chip in hours
Opacity: Standard two coats needed
Brush Type: Standard, lid is a pain to work with

£3.89 - 10.5g


  1. hi enig, i really like yr poison ivy nail polish nice colour aswell

  2. hi, any tips on summery nails, im off on my hols soon and need some insperation

    1. Keep popping back, I'm sure to do something summery soon :)

  3. Oooh, nice colour! Where did you get it from? I am also in the UK and have just started to looove nail polish but other than our small boots I struggle to find places to buy polish where I can see it all in person first!!

    1. I got this one along with a few other bits in one of Sleek's 50% off sales. Sometimes if you can't see the polish in person you just have to look for lots of swatches online. Usually they are quite accurate, although purple / blues can be difficult to photo colour accurately.

  4. Great colour I think the name is really good too :D


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