5 August 2012

Hair: Was operation violet hair sucessful?

Because of my hair length I used two full pots of Directions in the colour Violet. I got it all in a mixing pot and  used it that way, it's always easier to use this type of dye while my hair is slightly wet. Helps it to spread easier too which is always useful.

Going from this to this:

I think it half worked, it is a sort of browny / plumy colour with a very much violet underneath layer.

One more bleaching and it would have been there I think. Going to give it a rest for now on the bleach, I know I am so close though! Operation violet hair is... well getting there!


  1. Well done! The violet does show up in areas & I bet it will pop in the sun.

    1. Not sure northern england knows what sun is lol!

  2. I can definitely see the violet, your hair is AMAZING.

    1. Ahh thank you, made my day that comment!


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