21 March 2013

Tri-Colour Nail Challenge: Green, Coral and Purple #2

This is a new nail challenge, you are set three colours and you select three polishes to represent each colour. Four days, for different manicures using said polishes. I ended up doing this for the second challenge:

I used Nail Pop - Sequin Effect as the topper.

These are the three polishes which are to be used for these challenges. Expect to see three more for this month. La Femme - Mint Cream, Miss Sporty - Orange Crush 326, Color Club - Mrs Robinson.




  1. Wow those colours look stunning together!

    1. i wasn't sure if it would work or clash badly.

  2. such a nice colour combo it looks so vivid! great mani!

  3. That purple is gorgeous, the colours look great together.


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