26 June 2013

Time Era Challenge: 1980's

Finally on to a decade I was alive in! 1980's, lots of fluorescent colours. music tapes, Pacman and the evil rubix cube.


I'm struggling to get the Cheeky Stamping plates to stamp without smudging. Also I seem to have made the rubix cube more complicated than it should have been. 


Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction 320
Cheeky Stamping Plate CH51



  1. Haha, I love them, this is a brilliant example of the 80s =)

  2. I used to do so much nail art but i feel lazy now a days :(

    1. If you get a chance I'd say give it a go, its not permanent so if you mess up or don't like it it's easy to remove.

  3. Yep! nailed it. ;-D

    Certainly a great example of 80s.


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