21 May 2014

Review: Avon - Nail Decoration Brush


Create unique nail decorations with this double-ended brush. With a small cone and a fine brush. Approx 11.7cm long - Avon


This is a dotting tool and a nail art brush in one. The dotting tool end is very small and you can easily get small even dots on to the nail, also you can use this to create other shapes which is useful.


The brush end of this tool is less useful. It is a small brush compared to a lot of brushes out there however I like to use a 0000 brush for nail art which is a lot smaller than this one. You can get thicker lines with this one if this is the case. For me this brush is too thick to get any definition or detailed art work on to the nails.


Here is a quick comparison of this Avon brush to the brush I usually use, as you can see although the Avon brush is small, it is large compared to the tiny detail brush I like to use.


Overall this isn't a bad product, and the dotting tool is particularly small which makes it very useful in my nail art tool kit. The brush end though leaves a lot to be desired, and I will always opt to use the smaller brush. I will use this dotting tool but not something I would recommend if you were wanting a small brush for neat nail art.


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