15 July 2014

Tutorial: How To Apply Water Decals

These particular filigree water decals are from Born Pretty Store.

tutorial-how-to-apply-water-decals tutorial-how-to-apply-water-decals

 You want to start with painted nails which are fully dried.


I always begin by cutting the design out I want to use.


Then, very importantly peel off the protective plastic wrap.


Cut out the design you want for the individual nail.


Using a cotton ball dipped in water dab the back of the decal to moisten it, then place on the nail. Once in position dab the moist cotton ball on the back of the decal, then slide the backing off the nail.


Leaving the design behind, then gently press the image to the nail to make sure it is stuck down.


Repeat as you see fit, once you are done then top coat the nails to seal in the design.


Clean up the excess decal if needed, then you are done.

[full details here]



  1. I've always steered clear of water decals as I thought they'd be a faff to put on but never actually looked into it. Looks almost like putting on one of those fake tattoos you had as a kid.
    Thank you! Might give them a go after all x

    1. These are exactly the same thing as the tattoos you get as a kid, just smaller for your nails :)


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