25 February 2015

Swatch: Quirk - Dead of Night


Colour: Blackened Green, Blue
Finish: Duochrome
Opacity: One coat over black



  1. That's very pretty. I got a color yesterday that I had been lemming a long time and it's very similar, a teal glassfleck in a sheer black base and it looks just like this! Anyway, it's called Blk-Bila-Bong by China Glaze. I loved the blackened teal and the fact it looks black until you take a closer look. I love polishes like this one you are wearing. Sooo pretty.

    1. I like blackened polishes, I haven't seen the China Glaze one so will be looking at swatches now :)

  2. Beautiful!! I looove dark colours! :) x


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