1 March 2015

Shopping: February 2015

This month I seem to have been all about the lip products. That said I did have quite a few Superdrug points which were about to go out of date, and it was free P&P so I had to spend them, right?

Maybelline Colordrama Lip Pencils
Nude Perfection // Keep It Classy // Berry Much
Maybelline-Colordrama-Lip-Pencils-Nude-Perfection-Keep-It-Classy-Berry Much Maybelline-Colordrama-Lip-Pencils-Nude-Perfection-Keep-It-Classy-Berry Much

MUA Clear Lip Liner

MUA Lip Switch - Persian Plum


Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow
I Won't Be Alone // Insomnia
Makeup-Revolution-Eyeshadow-I-Wont-Be-Alone Makeup-Revolution-Eyeshadow-Insomnia


Phone Cover, after I managed to break my old one in a week. Far to clumsy!

Yankee Candle Votive Holders

Yankee Candle - Red Velvet Jar



  1. Nice haul! :) I really want to try the Maybelline Colordrama Lip Pencils, but I'm waiting for a sale! Those candle holders look beautiful! x

    1. I got them while they were 3 for 2 so a bit of a sale. I got them in Boots, do you have Boots in Greece?

    2. Nope, we don't! :/ We can order online from your Boots, but the shipping cost is crazy! We had a couple of sales on them here, but I missed them. I'm sure they'll do another one soon! :) x


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