31 July 2017

Swatch: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 1, Cool Medium 2, Warm Medium 3

I recently swatched Warm Medium 3 along with the two lighter shades which I previous blogged about here. I thought I would quickly share the swatches of the three lightest shades. Currently this concealer only comes in four shades.

Swatch-Collection-Lasting-Perfection-Concealer-Fair-1-Cool-Medium-3-Warm-Medium-3 Swatch-Collection-Lasting-Perfection-Concealer-Fair-1-Cool-Medium-3-Warm-Medium-3


30 July 2017

Swatch: La Femme - Pink Ice (142)


Colour: Light Pink
Finish: Pearl
Opacity: Four Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 15ml


29 July 2017

Stamping Plate: Nail Craze 02

I bought this plate as well as NC01 back in July 2013, so this post is well over due!

Review-Nail-Craze-02-Stamping-Plate Review-Nail-Craze-02-Stamping-Plate

This stamping plate is larger in size than the standard circular plates. This has nine different images in it. Unicorn, Pegasus, Waves, Cloud, Stars, Shooting Star.


Some of the images stamped well, I had problems with the large negative spaces on the waves design as well as the cloud design as you can tell. I don't think that is a criticism of the plate though as I am yet to master the stamping of large negative spaces. I do however like the wave image which isn't mostly negative space.

Here are some nail art designs I have done using Nail Craze 02:



And here is a link to see all of the nail art using Nail Craze 02.


28 July 2017

Collection: A England

A England is my favourite non-main stream, indie polish brand, this post will be updated in the future.

Swatch-A-England-Anne-Boleyn Swatch-A-England-Ascalon Swatch-A-England-Bridal-Veil Swatch-A-England-Briar-Rose Swatch-A-England-Briarwood Swatch-A-England-Catherine-Howard
Swatch-A-England-Crown-of-Thistles Swatch-A-England-Encore-Margot Swatch-A-England-Gloriana Swatch-A-England-Goth Swatch-A-England-Heathcliff Swatch-A-England-In-Robe-And-Crown
Swatch-A-England-Incense-Burner Swatch-A-England-Jane-Eyre Swatch-A-England-Jane-Morris Swatch-A-England-Katherine-Parr Swatch-A-England-King-Cophetua Swatch-A-England-Lady-of-Shallot
Swatch-A-England-Lady-of-the-Lake Swatch-A-England-Let-Me-In Swatch-A-England-Love-is-Enough Swatch-A-England-Manderley Swatch-A-England-Maxim Swatch-A-England-Moth-a-Fairy
Swatch-A-England-Mrs-Danvers Swatch-A-England-Mrs-De-Winter Swatch-A-England-Natashas-Dance-War-and-Peace Swatch-A-England-Nocturne Swatch-A-England-Ophelia Swatch-A-England-Order-of-the-Garter
Swatch-A-England-Peaseblossom-a-Fairy Swatch-A-England-Polovetsian-Dances Swatch-A-England-Prosperpine Swatch-A-England-Puck-a-Fairy Swatch-A-England-Rose-Bower Swatch-A-England-Sir-Loyal-Heart
Swatch-A-England-Sleeping-Palace Swatch-A-England-Spirit-of-the-Moors Swatch-A-England-St-George Swatch-A-England-The-Beggar-Maid Swatch-A-England-The-Most-Happy Swatch-A-England-The-Scent-of-Azaleas
Swatch-A-England-Tristam Swatch-A-England-Whispering-Waves

I don't use jump link's often but this post is very picture heavy, so click the link to see full swatches of all of the above polishes.

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