22 October 2017

Stamping Plate: MoYou - Urban Collection 1*


MoYou have recently released a new range of XL stamping plates. These are 120mm by 63mm.


They come packaged in a cardboard slip sleeve and with a protective blue coating which you peel off to reveal the images.


Urban Collection 1 has 23 images on it.


Some of the images were more tricky to work with although all of them did stamp across. I found using a gentle hand and a scraper with a 45 degree angle helped.

I like the polka dots as it is large enough to cover my longer nails. The script writing is also one I like, would work well in an aged paper style set of nails.

Here are some nails I have used this plate in;

[Choose a seat not a side]
[Be your own hero script]
You will be able to see all of the nail art done using this plate here once they have been posted.

If you would like to purchase I have a 15% off code: EnigmaticRambles15

MoYou Nails


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