15 August 2019

Swatch: A England - Manderley (Return To Manderley Collection)


Colour | Green
Finish | Holographic
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Round Cuticle
How Much | 11ml


14 August 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Neon Stamping Polish - Wall [#46659]*

Born Pretty Store have released some neon stamping polishes, the one I have today to share is called 'Wall' which is a lavender pink colour. There is eight neon stamping polishes in the collection.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Neon-Stamping-Polish-Wall-#46659 Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Neon-Stamping-Polish-Wall-#46659

Colour | Pink
Finish | Cream
Opacity | One Coat
Brush Type | Slightly Flattened
How Much | 6ml

Wall stamps over both a light and a dark base, as shown above. Overall this is a good neon stamping polish, one which is opaque enough to work, thick enough to stamp fine lines but not too thick in consistency.

Here is some nail art which I have done using Wall;

Over a light base;

Over a darker base;

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12 August 2019

Swatch: Primark Ps Love - Thorn Lip Liner

Thorn is a soft lip liner, it is easy to use and doesn't drag or pull at all. On the hand swatch it is a mid pink colour, however on my lips it pulls towards a lilac pink colour. I would purchase other shades of this liner.

Hand swatch;

Lip swatch;

Other colours of the Primark Lip Liner I have;


11 August 2019

Empties: July 2019

During July I didn't finish any bottles of polish, however I did finish some nail related items;

Lush - Lemony Flutter | I do like this cuticle butter, it smells like a lemon meringue rather than straight lemon. It is best used on a night I find as it is a thicker butter like texture.
Boots Glycerin | I use this to add along with water to pure acetone to make a nourishing polish remover.
Poundland - Make Up Sponges | These I use to create gradients, this pack had oval shape sponges which weren't as good for the task as the triangle shaped ones.
Acrylic Brush Cleaner | I don't use acrylic nail products so don't need to replace this.

 Superdrug Cherry and Almond - Shower Gel | The scent of this was lovely, like a bakewell tart almost. It didn't linger on my skin afterwards. But I would repurchase this one.
Radox Lemongrass and Mandarin - Shower Gel |  The scent of this is a fruity orange one, reminds me of The Body Shop. Scent doesn't linger on my skin. Not my favourite scent so wouldn't repurchase.
Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel | Classic Soap and Glory pink scent, would repurchase this.
John Frieda Foam Hair Dye | I have a couple of these left but I would repurchase because it is easy to use and doesn't dye my face as much as normal dye does.

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask | This was okay, and it did peel off all in one go. I did have to wait for about 30 minutes before that had happened.
Dorco Eve Razor Blade | These blades are good, each head has six blades on with a bendy section in between. Makes it less likely to nick myself. Would repurchase.
ELF Mineral Infused Primer | Again this is something that just works, quite silicone like in texture and is clear so doesn't highlight my pores. I would repurchase this however I have others to use up first.
Rainbow Drops Lip Balm | Don't think this had much of a scent, although I don't remember if Rainbow drops did have one either. The texture of this was a bit on the slick side rather than it being waxy, but not so much so I didn't want to use it up. Don't think I would bother repurchasing.

Super Hit Incense | This is a very marmite type scent, I quite like it, it is nostalgic of the 90's to me. I'm not sure I would buy it again as I prefer Nag Champa.
Nag Champa - Incense | My favourite incense, I will always repurchase this one. I may try others but always go back to this.


7 August 2019

Swatch: Born Pretty Store - Magnetic Star River Series - Frantic Fire [#43679]*

Swatch-Born-Pretty-Store-Magnetic-Star-River-Series-Frantic-Fire Swatch-Born-Pretty-Store-Magnetic-Star-River-Series-Frantic-Fire

Born Pretty Store Magnetic Star River Series in the colour Altair and Vega is a holographic, duochrome, magnetic polish. It is part of the same collection as Myriad Star and Altair and Vega. It has lots of different aspects to it which I think makes a great nail art look without actually doing anything. It looks spacey, a good base for galaxy nails.

You do need to use a black base coat to make this pop, which is what I did in the swatches below. You will also need a small magnet to hover above the polish for about 10 seconds to create the look.

Because of all the different aspects this polish is difficult to photograph.

Direct Sunlight - No Flash

Indoors - No Flash

Indoors - Flash 

Colour | Bronze, Yellow / Green
Finish | Scattered Holo, Magnetic, Duochrome
Opacity | One Coat over Black
Brush Type | Flattened
How Much | 6ml

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Born Pretty Store - $7.99

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