Lust List

There are often things I would like to buy, but unfortunately I haven't won the lottery. When I do, I will be buying everything on the list. In the mean time, I can day dream!
Perhaps I should actually put the lottery on?
[Last Updated: 6.Aug.2018]

More of a visual person?

- A England: Fated Prince
- A England: Lady of Shalott

- Barry M: Antique Gold

- Cupcake Polish: Bloodhound

- Danglefoot: Oh Plesiosaur*
- Danglefoot: Paleon-holo-gist*
- Danglefoot: The First Avenger*

- Essie: Petal Pushers

- OPI: Less Is Norse
- OPI: Miami Beet
- OPI: Turn on the Northern Lights
- OPI: Suzi and the Artic Fox

- Superchic Lacquer: Zombie Crush

Stamping Plates
- MJ14 Stamping Plate
- MoYou: Alice in Wonderland Collection 01 (quotes)
- MoYou London: Scholar Collection 06 (cursive font)
- MoYou London: Typography 02 (gothic font)

Make Up
- Revlon: Colorstay in Buff ^
- Wet n Wild: Coffee Buzz
- Wet n Wild: Nightcap

Other Bits
- Sewing Machine

(* ordered, waiting to arrive)
(# pending)
(^ repurchase)
(~ replacement for when I finish a product)
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