28 May 2010

Review: ELF - Nail Polish

All of the items were bought from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk which is nice and affordable!
The the shape of the bottle is a little odd. Its rectangle and the lid is the same which makes it a bit difficult to apply the nail polish but that's the only complaint and that goes for all of the polishes.

This one is the plum colour which is nice but the actual product is a little more purple than shown on the website and when put on my nails seems to be even darker. It is almost a black which shines a nice plum colour. Luckily for me I like dark!

This one, Brown is a nice change from black but not sure about it in terms on suiting me. Think it might be a little light for me. Although the picture on the website, the bottle colour and on nail colour is all pretty much the same which is good.

A lot more lighter red rather than a brown as shown on the website but brighter which is a bit misleading. Its a nice colour but not exactly dark red, the colour on the nails is a lot lighter than it appears on the website.

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