8 June 2010

Review: ELF - Luscious Liquid Lipstick

This review for liquid lipstick's by ELF. I really like this product it is great for £1.50. The two colours are Maple Sugar and Cherry Tart and can be seen swatched below. They both are supposed to smell of vanilla mint although all I can smell is mint which isn't a bad thing. There is no taste and are not too gloopy. The instructions say to twist 10-12 times to get the product coming out but this really wasn't the case, was at least 50 times! But that was only the first time using it.

Maple Sugar - This is a brown colour in the tube and looks almost as if it has golden shimmer in it. Once applied to the lips it makes them almost beige in colour, tones down the red in my lips and really makes the shine and look nice. I dont usually go for a brown colour but may buy this colour again - 7/10

Cherry Tart - This one is a pinky red colour in the tube, has no shimmer to it. Once its on my lips it seems to be a sheer light red colour, nothing too intense but improves on my natural lip colour. Makes the lips nice and glossy but not too much. I do usually go for colours similar to this and would buy it again no questions asked. - 9/10

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