1 July 2010

Review: Body Shop - Mango Body Butter

What they say ~ An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturiser. Rich and smelling sweetly of summer with added Community Trade cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Extra creamy for extra dry skins.

What I say ~
This smells really lovely, not too sure if it is of mangos but hey its nice all the same! It is creamy and you get lots of product in the pot, although usually it is £12.50 and I don't think that it is worth that. There is an offer on at the moment for £5 and I think it is worth that! I find it so be really nice to apply, it doesn't soak in right away though. It is a little too moisturising for me though, I think it will be kept for knees, elbows and feet. Even on the legs and arms it is too intensive and it leaves a greasy layer on the skin when applied else where.

Would I buy it again? ~ I think this pot will last some time but I might buy it again although a smaller pot of the stuff and only if on an offer. I recommend it for those super dry bits of skin for sure. 

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