28 July 2010

ELF Elements Make Up Compact

I got this compact because I thought the idea of being able to customise it for the different things you would want to carry about. In mine I have a brown and a black eyeshadow, a blush and a lip colour. Now what I didn't like about it was the colour, I don't like white. So a certain someone who is in to art deco (is it even called that?) put a thought in my mind and so I pimped it out. Also got a bit carried away and did my phone! I am not a very arty person at all so wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I think I did alright in the end, what do you think?


  1. Much love!! Youre phone especially looks cool :D :D

  2. Thank you, my first attempt ever! Really makes the compact a better colour, and the phone back plate is better as well. Got sent the wrong colour phone and much prefer black to a browny colour.

  3. this looks so nice! :-))) Great idea! :-)


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