2 July 2010

Review: ELF - Eye Primer & Liner Sealer


What they say ~ The Prime side sets your eyeshadow in so your color won't fade, bleed or crease. The Liner side transforms your favorite eye shadow into a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid liner with this unique clear liquid and built-in felt tip precision eyeliner brush. Now you can have your eye makeup lasting longer for no fuss no budge color.

Directions ~ Use the "prime" side to create a base for your eyeshadow. Apply to the eyelid and blend in. Use the "seal" side and mix your favorite eyeshadow color in with the brush and apply to the lash line as a liner. For best results wipe off and clean applicator before closing. Remove with eye makeup remover.

What I say ~ The primer side of this leaves an awful lot to be desired although it can be used as a lip primer and it is really good at that! You could also potentially use this as a concealer if it matches the right tone for you. The liner side is good and I like how it makes any eyeshadow an eyeliner which doesn't budge as they say.
Would I buy it again ~ Potentially!
Overall : 7/10

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