18 July 2010

Review: ELF - Translucent Matte Powder

What they say ~ Achieve even flawless skin that’s smoother, redefined and shine free. This translucent powder workson a wide variety of skin tones to help set your makeup in so it lasts longer. The silky lightweight formula also miraculously mattes skin to diminish oil and shine for a beautiful and healthy look!

What I say ~ Nice packaging, good for standing up to the day to day knocks it would get in your handbag. Its great for dabbing on the face after a couple of hours of wearing your usual face. Makes everything matte and smooth, also it made my face feel super smooth and silky. I like the massive mirror as well, handy for on the go.

Would I recommend it ~ Yes, skin type depending.

Would I buy it again ~ Yes!



  1. Nice review! :-) I was always wondering about this ELF product since i've never tried it. Do you think it's similar to studio pressed powder or is it different?

  2. I havent tried the studio pressed powder but I was thinking the exact same thing, because there is more product in the pressed powder. Feels like a normal powder, so maybe the only difference is one is transulcent and the other in different shades?


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