4 July 2010

Review: Johnson & Johnson - Hair Minimising Body Lotion


What they say ~ A rich, fast-absorbing patented formula containing soy proteins and essential oils to soften and smooth skin. Clinical studies show that 8 weeks of daily use reduces the need to shave by 50%. Contains patented Johnson & Johnson SOY technology. Softens hair follicles and slows hair regrowth so shaving is reduced. Attractive fresh fragrance.

What I say ~ Firstly I bought this by accident, I wanted some moisturiser for my legs! I was expecting this to be awful though when I noticed it wasn't what I was expecting, you know like those hair removal creams. It doesn't smell like that its more a fresh sort of a smell and it doesn't burn or hurt when its on your skin. 

It is a watery, creamy sort of consistency. It is a average moisturiser and does the job I wanted it for. And it doesn't hurt after shaving! However as for the claims of not having to shave well that is rubbish. It hasn't had any effect on the amount I shave and I haven't noticed the hair being any different.

Would I buy it again ~ Well the price tag is about £5 but I picked it up in the poundshop, for the price I might get it again but purely for the moistursing properties rather than the hair mininmising ones. Chances are though I wouldnt bother.



  1. This seems interesting, didn't see it before. I may buy one too. :-)

  2. Well for a pound I think its worth a go! Hehe!


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