24 July 2010

Review: Lush - It Started With A Kiss

What they say ~ A spicy toffee-apple lip balm with an added touch of red to make the lips look tempting and inviting. It has the crisp bite of red apples, a cheek touch of cinnamon, creamy white chocolate, and silky icing sugar. If Snow White couldn't resist the temptation, you've got no chance!

What I say ~ I wouldnt say that the scent was toffee appley at all, I think that it is more honey scented. It is a nice buildable colour which is actually more of a stain than a balm. Not as pink as it is in the pot which is good as I prefer a red coloiur. At £4.95 it is expensive for what it is but I have a soft spot for both lush and lip balms.

Would I recommend it ~ Its alright, I might do depending on what the person was after.

Would I buy it again ~ I got this for my birthday, but might buy it in the future.



  1. This looks so nice, i want to buy it! :-)))

  2. Jelena you want all the lipbalms sold worldwide!! loool ! :) We don't have Lush here in Greece! :/


  3. Nothing wrong with a lil lipbalm addiction :p


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