29 June 2010

Review: Maybelline - Dream Mousse Bronzer

What they say ~ Achieve a beautiful, bronzed look with an amazing air-soft feel, one easy sweep of the finger! Air-whipped formula allows you to build up as much colour as you like. No fuss application. Wash off.

What I say ~ This is a wash off product and it does have a soft feel to it similar to the mousse foundation. This is another product I seem to have bought for no reason as I don't like wearing bronzers!

The main problem I have with this is how it is so shimmery / almost glittery. When you get a natural tan there is no shimmer and this almost makes you look extra shiny and greasy. This shade seems to be quite dark against my fair skin although it does blend very easily.

Would I buy it again ~ Simple answer, no. I got it in a pound shop. Will I ever actually use it, not really!


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