20 July 2010

Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

What they say ~ Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion packaged in a precious, genie-like bottle, challenges any shadow to fade or crease before its time.

What I say ~ Totally amazing product which I do like loads! Its good because it keeps my eyeshadow on for hours where without it it would crease and fade four times quicker! It is about £11.50 at the moment which is expensive but seeing as lasts for well over a year its so worth it. Bad things about it is the shape of the bottle, they have now got a doe foot applicator to try and help with the problem but really they need it in a squirty tube. I had to saw mine in half to get out the last of the product and there was enough there to last a year.

Would I recommend it ~ YES!

Would I buy it again ~ Always!


  1. Have you tried elf's mineral eyeshadow primer? if so, how does it compare to UDPP? :) I think UD is considering of changing the packaging for this! ;)


  2. I havent tried the mineral one but I have tried the cheaper one. It does hold up quite well, makes the eyeshadow last 4-5 hours without fading and about 6 hours before begins to crease.
    Its about time they changed the tube! :)

  3. I own the regular one, but I haven't opened it yet! I'm currently using the mineral one and one from a Greek brand, I really like them both! :)

    Btw one friendly advice for your youtube videos: speak up girl :) I can barely hear you! :(

  4. Thanks for the feedback, I feel so self concious doing them! But I will try and speak up a little more :p
    Once you try the regular line one could you review that against the mineral one? Might be useful :)

  5. No problem :) It's such a shame if you're doing a nice review and people don't watch your video, because they can't hear you! :)

    I could definitely do a comparison, although that might take a while lol ! :)



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