31 August 2010

Nails: Brown Animal Print

Another attempt at nail art, think I am getting better but not quite there. Think I might get a machine at some point. I like this one so much more than the bright pink!

This is some kind of animal print done with:
-ELF - Smokey Brown Polish as the base
-ELF - Chocolate as the stripes

What do you think?


  1. Love this!! :D

  2. Yeah I'm kinda liking it too! Not perfect but sure I will get better in time :)

  3. I got a sharp pencil and dipped it in the darker colour and dragged it across the nail in a strippy pattern. Nothing too complex :p

  4. Oh really??That simple? I could do it too then! lol!


  5. Very simple! I'm not the creative of people and even using my left hand it wasnt too bad because it doesnt have to be all that neat.


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