15 August 2010

Review: 17 - Wild Curls Mascara

So I'm still on a hunt for a good mascara for day to day, thought I would try this one seeing as it came with a freebie and I had some boots points to use up. Was cheaper than the other I was looking at as well.

They say ~ Take a walk on the wild side this summer with 17 Wild Curls Mascara and create an intense look that will really put the ‘grrr’ into great lashes.
A flick of this fabulous new mascara creates sexy, smoldering and sultry eyes that are loaded with volume and intense curl for a feline finish.
The innovative shocking pink brush coats and coaxes for clump-free, ravishing lashes. The wild brush has soft, uneven bristles that allow you to get right to the root and dramatically lift lashes.
With six times more volume 17 Wild Curls Mascara will hold that intense effect for up to 10 hours, keeping you looking purr’fect all day long.

I say ~ Well the pictures kind of speak for themselves...

Natural eyelashes

Eyelashes with two coats of the wild curls mascara

My lashes curled

Curled eyelashes with two coats of the mascara.

So as you can see there certainly isn't 6x more volume and I didnt think that the curl would hold for ten hours. Although I do like it, more a basic mascara for day to day . Didnt really clump and dried fairly quickly. The scent of the mascara though did smell quite alcohol like which was a touch odd. The bristles were also purple which is something I never have came across before, they are the newer plastic type ones.


As for the free kit well there were tweezers, a black eye kohl pencil and an eyelash curler. The tweezers are slanted and mini so good for your handbag or a weekend trip, the eye pencil is a mini one as well so good for the handbag. Pretty much a standard one, nothing special about it. The eyelash curler is a strange design, good one though. Only thing is it doesnt seem to curl my lashes! Still have problems though doing that to mine they seem stubborn! Perhaps they would be better for normal lashes. Still a nice freebie though :)

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