9 August 2010

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner

A bit of a mouthful is the title! I'm on the hunt for a good deep conditioner and got this little sachet for 99p from Superdrug. I have hair that is midway down my back and the little sachet has 20ml which is enough for two tries which is good for reviewing and seeing if I want to fork out more money on a proper bottle.

They say ~ Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Sachet's unique formula, with Australian Balm mint extract, helps mend split ends and roughened cuticles. It helps transform dry, damaged hair into manageable and shiny locks in just 3 minutes. Australian Balm mint is so amazing that the bloke who brought it back from Australia called it "the elixir of life".

I say ~ Not a hard sachet to get in to, sometimes with wet hands I struggle to tear open these sorts of things. A lovely thick creamy consistency. It smells amazing, reminds me of something else but can't place my finger on that. The pack says its Australian Balm Mint but its not really an overpowering mint at all. 

I washed my hair and that slapped on half the sachet starting and the ends, really easy to get on makes my hair so easy to run my fingers through when wet and tangled, or not tangled! Once I'd washed off the product the scent did linger which was nice, as was my hair being very tangle free when brushing it even though it was wet. The next day it seemed to be very manageable and shiny, seemed to make my hair air dry quicker as well which was a bit of a bonus for my thick hair! It really made my hair feel nice.

Would I buy a full sized one ~ Yes I think I would, although a little pricey at its rrp it is always on an offer.

Would I recommend it ~ Yes I would recommend the sachet as its cheap enough to test out.

9 / 10

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  1. I had been buying Aussie for years & a couple years ago they changed the formula and the packaging. They used to be in white bottles. And the scent smells different now. it used to smell better. But I just bought the 3 minute miracle and was so disappointed because it's nothing how it used to be when I first used it. But on another note, I developed the idea for "Featured Followers by Elle© " This is how I promote all my followers, and help them increase traffic to their blog & allow my followers to learn more about the blogs that I feature. There are 5 different programs. Check out my blog at www.edkdolce.blogspot.com to find out more! And if you don't have a blog, maybe this will inspire you to start one!!
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