17 August 2010

Review: ELF - Candy Shop Lip Glosses

ELF Candy Shop Lip Glosses in Crazed Coconut, Cherry Bomb, Candy Fix and Berry Pop

They say ~ Got a sweet tooth? With double the amount of gloss you can enjoy the candy without the cavity! A modern twist to an old favorite, the unique ultra durable sliding lip tin holds your favorite lip gloss in 7 deliciously juicy flavors to choose from.

I say ~ Unfortunately these have been discontinued from the US and so no more shall be coming to the UK so I guess its a first come first serve basis. I am a bit of a chap stick addict which is why I bought these! Nice and cheap at £1.50 for 11g. I like the tin they hold quite a bit of product and hey all smell amazing. Its a nice way to get your fix without all the calories! Its not particularly hygienic sticking your finger in to the tin but seeing as this is just for me I don't mind as I don't have dirty fingers lol! None of them are sticky or goopy either.

Crazed Coconut - Well this one smells totally like coconut as the name would suggest, its a white colour but once its on the lip its more of a clear gloss with a little glitter.

Cherry Bomb - This is my favourite one I think! It has a tint which is a deep red although not too evening of a shade. It smells of cherries and candy, its just a really sweet shop scent.

Berry Pop - I think this one is supposed to smell of a lolly or something but I find it to be a lot like a black forest gateau which is fruity and chocolatey. On the lip it gives a little darker red / plum colour and a nice sheen.

Candy Fix - Not too sure why I choose this one as the colour so isnt something I would go for usually! On the lip though its fine and not a barbie pink at all! Its just a nice sheen over the lip. As for the scent well I think it is a mix between white chocolate and dolly mixtures, nice candy fix as the tin suggests.


  1. I know its a bit rubbish they are now discontinued! They smell amazing!

  2. I need a dupe for berry pop D= It's nearly ran out... do you know any?


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