10 August 2010

Review: ELF Elements

So I thought that after posting my pimped out ELF compact that I best review what's inside of it! I have a review of the four elements magnetic pans I have...

So we've got custom eyes; dusk (black) and moondust (brown). Cheeks; flushed. Lips; crimson.

Eyes: Dusk - So this is a really nicely pigmented black / grey colour there is no glitter in there but defiantly some shimmer. I do like this colour, I was worried that the shimmer would have been a little too much but its really quite wearable. Although it is well pigmented it is easily blendable and so you can wear this colour during the day as well.
Eyes: Moondust - Again a shimmery eye shadow which is pigmented and easily blendable. This isnt a deep as a brown as I had hoped for but it is still a nice shade. Nice for daytime and when used with dusk good for night time as well.
Cheek: Flushed - First time I used this I made the mistake of running my finger around the whole pan, it is not needed as this is a really pigmented colour! Nicely blendable and could be built up for a deeper shade.
Lip: Crimson - Quite a scary looking colour in the compact but quite wearable at the same time. More red than pink, it can be quite sheer with one coat, leaving a nice shine across the lips but again builable for a more evening look.

Overall I do quite like the elements compact, my complaint would be that it only comes in white and I am not a fan of that colour which is why I pimped mine out! Also I think ELF were inspired by my efforts to run their competition! But I like the big mirror its really useful for on the go touch ups. The pans I bought were all lovely and pigmented and of course buildable which is good and it means they should last some time. The only other complaint would be the little brush its not that good but it is useful for on the go. The lip side of the brush seems to shed a lot and isnt as ridged as you would imaging a lip brush to be. 

The compact and all of the pans were all from ELF and were all £1.50 a piece although with the offers that they run you can get them cheaper. Over all I like the products and would consider buying other colours.

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