28 August 2010

Swatch: ELF - Dark Navy


Generally ELF's nail polish is great, this navy is more black / blue (wish my hair would go that colour!) but I do like that. It doesn't dry as shiny as the other colours I have tried, not matte but not shiny either. Also this colour seemed to chip so easier than the other shades I have tried. Chipped within one day which isn't so good!

Two days of wear with two coats, going to try again at wearing this nail polish but with clear coat on top to seal it see if it lasts any longer.

*edit* I tried this polish with a base and a top coat and this did help the colour stay on. Lasted two days chip free that way which was better but not as good as the other shades I have by the same company.

Anyone else try this colour?


  1. I haven't tried elf polish because I have heard such mixed reviews. Also when I became pregnant I stopped using polish and then I didn't use it after my son was born because of the chemical smell. Now I find that I can't use it because the smell is so nauseating. Did you know that when people come to your blog it asks them to sign into twitter? I don't have a twitter account and I'm not going to lie... sometimes I don't want to come to your blog because I find that pop up window annoying. I like your blog tho so I come anyways. <3

  2. I havent had any problems with the other ELF polishes just this navy one, got about ten colours now and its just odd that only one does it.

    I didnt know about the twitter thing, thanks for letting me know I've took it off now. Hopefully it wont come up with a pop up now. Let me know :)

  3. Just letting you know I answered your question on Revlon Colorstay on my blog, hope it helps you! x

  4. It is a lovely colour, you'll have to let me know if it is as chippable on you. Maybe I got a dodgy bottle? Hope so because its a lush colour!


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