28 August 2010

Swatch: ELF - Dark Navy


Generally ELF's nail polish is good, this navy is more black / blue. It doesn't dry as shiny as the other colours I have tried, not matte but not shiny either. Also this colour seemed to chip so much easier than the other shades I have tried. Chipped within one day which isn't so good!


  1. I haven't tried elf polish because I have heard such mixed reviews. Also when I became pregnant I stopped using polish and then I didn't use it after my son was born because of the chemical smell. Now I find that I can't use it because the smell is so nauseating. Did you know that when people come to your blog it asks them to sign into twitter? I don't have a twitter account and I'm not going to lie... sometimes I don't want to come to your blog because I find that pop up window annoying. I like your blog tho so I come anyways. <3

  2. I havent had any problems with the other ELF polishes just this navy one, got about ten colours now and its just odd that only one does it.

    I didnt know about the twitter thing, thanks for letting me know I've took it off now. Hopefully it wont come up with a pop up now. Let me know :)

  3. Just letting you know I answered your question on Revlon Colorstay on my blog, hope it helps you! x

  4. It is a lovely colour, you'll have to let me know if it is as chippable on you. Maybe I got a dodgy bottle? Hope so because its a lush colour!


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