13 August 2010

Review: Lush Chameleon Bath Ballistic

They say ~ Limited Edition Bath Ballistic from Lush for August 2010 - Save the chameleons with this tropical bomb. The Chameleon smells like a refreshing tropical juice drink. It has toning mandarin and grapefruit oils to give it a citrus kick and chameleons everywhere will thank you for choosing to take one of these home instead of the real thing.

Fresh, tropical colour-changer! The Chameleon's abilities don't just stop at its fresh fragrance. Like its real-world counterpart and our new bubblistics, it changes colour in the water from shimmering green to an exciting display of colour. Take it home and try it; we're not spoiling the surprise.

I say ~ Well this bath ballistic is really lovely smelling, quite like a tropical drink actually. Its quite glittery though when you touch it but not to worry it doesn't go over you when its dropped in the bath. Its one of the new slow fizzer's which is nice as well as you can see in the little video I posted below: 
It spills out bright pink colour first, followed by a deep blue and then a green which is nice! It didnt  over power the bathroom with a scent but there was one vaguely there. As for afterwards it didnt stain the bath, also didnt really leave much of a scent on the bath.

Would I buy it again ~ Well its only available for the month of august. However while I really did like the colour changes and the scent before dropping in the bath, for £2.50 I dont think I would buy it again unless for a novelty gift. He is so cute though!


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