4 August 2010

Tag: Whats in the bag?

So this seems to be doing the rounds on blogs to think its about time for me to attempt it! I have a slight thing for bags, got more than I use. But the whole shoe thing is what I'm overly addicted too. 
Anyway on to the bag...  

I do like it, black and silver :)

My purse always comes with me too.

Then we have my make up; black kohl eyeliner, elf mineral lipstick in barely bitten, elf translucent mattifying power and elf hyper shine lipgloss in berry cherry and coca cola lipbalm, fold up hair brush, mirror.

Random other bits; pen, paracetmol, tissues, emery boards, polos, 
antibacterial hand gel, hair bobble.

And of course my phone but was taking the pictures with that! Sometimes I carry a canvas bag in there too if going shopping, bottle of water, deodorant spray, umbrella or sunglasses.

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