29 September 2010

Review: L'Oreal - Perfect Clean Wash Exfoliating


They say ~ "Pop Me Out. The Scrublet. Soft, flexible brush + Foaming Gentle Scrub. Clean sensation. Pores look smaller. Velvety smooth skin. Perfect Clean. Foaming Gentle Scrub. Exfoliating. All Skin Types. New Intense Cleansing."

I say ~ Okay so I am a bit of a sucker for the scrublet, I wouldn't usually go out and buy something like this as I am a lushie at heart and am quite happy with my facial routine. I often use an avon facial scrub for times when I feel my face needs a little extra scrubbing. So first things first, the bottle is smaller than I imagined and with the hole for the scrublet it makes for even less product that you would imagine. The scrublet feels really rubbery and soft, has little teeth which are soft and you rub those on your face. Feels really weird when its wet, but that's probably just me!

And this is where I think that the problem lies with this product, it is supposedly an exfoliating wash however if you use it with the scrublet then you wont actually be rubbing the little scrubbing grains off your face and so that renders them useless. It is an good wash regardless of that but does sort of defeat the object of being an exfoliating wash.

The scent is a little like apricots, very mild though. Afterwards my skin felt really smooth and clean, not squeeky clean though. Was really smooth and soft and really helped to provide a smooth base to apply make up too, so I do agree on the their selling point of velvety smooth skin, but not the exfoliating point.

Would I recommend it ~ For the RRP of almost £5, simply put no I wouldn't recommend it you can find better products on the market for the price. Although if you can get it cheaper on an offer then you may as well give it a go. I bought mine in Asda for £3 which is about the most I would pay for this product. I do want to try the blue one though for oily skin at some point as it might be more suitable for my skin, and seeing as it doesn't have the scrubby grit in it, I don't suppose it will be as useless on that front.

£4.99 - 150ml


28 September 2010

Lusting After: Barry M Black Magic

Wow this nail varnish is amazing, someone on twitter posted a link and I just have to have it! Thing is its no where to be found in store yet. Anyone know where I can buy it other than online???

Barry M - Black Magic (np311)

27 September 2010

Swatch: Models Own - Purple Mystique

Lovely and shiney! Lasts well too and doesnt stain.
Models Own - Purple Mystique

26 September 2010

Nails: Full Nail Stamping

[while I have mastered image stamping, still haven't mastered full nail stamping]
Base: OPI - Nevermore
Stamping Plate: BM - 221
Stamping Polish: Special Polish - White


25 September 2010

Review: MUA - Blusher Shade 1

They say ~ "No fuss blush for gorgeous sweet cheeks. Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!"

I say ~ Well this is another item I thought I would try from MUA, they dont seem to have names only shade numbers and this one is shade 1. I liked the look of the colour and the colour payout is nice as well. Something though that put me off it the amount of glitter in it, you can see it in the second photo. It isnt as glittery when you have it on your face although it is noticable. Not something I would want from an every day blusher.

For a pound I would recommend it and even if I dont wear it as an everyday blusher which is what I was looking for I think it is still actually wearable, unlike the lipstick I tried from the range.


£1 - 2.4g

24 September 2010

23 September 2010

Nails: Cranberry Flower

This is just me trying out the new ELF polish in Cranberry. Stuck a flower on but really not too sure what they are for! I got them free with a pack of nail things so I thought they might be for nails.

Any ideas?!

22 September 2010

Nail: Matte Plum

Still not sure about this matte look. As you can see it looks a little bit streaky and that is down to the top coat.

ELF - Plum Polish
ELF - Matte Polish

21 September 2010

ELF Haul

 Matte, Rosy Rasin, Purple Pleaser, Cranberry
Not much of a haul just getting the new polishes, I was quite wanting red velvet as well but looks like it might be very much like cranberry so didnt bother this time. Maybe next time!

20 September 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail


Another sunday means that I had another Lush bath. This week I chose to try out the Bath Ballistic called Keep it Fluffy in purple, it also comes in orange. I decided to pair it with 1/4 of Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds Bubble Bar. The combo seemed to work quite nicely together and the colour was nice as well.

They say ~
Keep it Fluffy - Like Think Pink, Keep It Fluffy is sweet, but it has a subtle jasmine kick to it that gives it a bit of an edge. It creates a layer of creamy froth as it fizzes into fragrance.
Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds - Calming, grounding, swirly blue and white bar for peaceful baths. A bath in superbly relaxing patchouli scented Blue Skies water is as relaxing as meditating in the peaceful garden of a Far Eastern temple, while enjoying the scents of the exotic blooms cultivated there.

I say ~ The bubbles were nice and lasted a while, the colour as I said was a nice lilic colour. As for the effect on my skin, well there wasnt one really. Not drying but not moisturising either. The scent of jasmine lasted well on my skin which is something that I liked. Over all the smell wafting from the bath was of patchouli.

Keep it Fluffy - £2.25 - 90g
Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds - £3.95 - 200g

Overall rating for the cocktail - 8/10

19 September 2010

Nails: Grey Leopard

This was also my first attempt at doing acrylic nails, very long and make doing normal things so hard! Needless to say they were sharp cut back to a more reasonable length. I have no idea how people function with longer nails, especially typing its so hard!

Besides the acrylic nails I think this leopard print is really good, I adore it and it so much more wearable and me than other attempts! They look better in real life, some of the silver spots are GOSH Holographic and others are UV silver :)


18 September 2010

Nails: French

Just a bit of a boring french manicure today :)
ELF Polish nude and pearl.

16 September 2010

Review: ELF - All Over Cover Stick

Okay so this is a review of the all over cover stick by ELF. The picture is in the shade 'spice' which I got for a friend, I am waiting for ivory to come back in to stock right now but I have tried the apricot beige so can review this product.

They say ~ "Achieve smooth and flawless skin easily! The e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick is infused with active natural ingredients and skin polymers to soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas".

I say ~ Well ELF also advise that you can use this as a base to your eyeshadow which I have tried once and it wasnt successful. I do need to test this a few more times before I can say for sure either way on that aspect of it.
I find that this is a little bit on the greasy side but it still is good. You will need a powder to set this whatever way you use it. It can be used as a concealer and used this way it gives a really good coverage and this tends to be the way I use it (although the apricot beige shade is a touch dark for me). ELF also advise that you can use it as a foundation although I did try that and found it a little bit too cakey to work as that, even blended out well.

Would I recommend it ~ Yes I would, as long as it were to use as a concealer. Even on large areas of discolouration it works well. As for a foundation, well I say go for it and try it, if it doesnt suit you could always use as a concealer and for £1.50 you wont be kicking yourself.


4g -£1.50

14 September 2010

Lipsalve Addict or Chapstick Whore?

So a while back a couple of people were posting their collections of lipsalves, well here is mine. I do however have more, one in each bag I use but couldnt quite be bothered fishing them all out, its about 5 short of all the ones I have. This isnt including lipglosses or lipsticks or anything either.

Are you a lipsalve addict or chapstick whore? Lol!

13 September 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail


Another sunday means another Lush bath! This one was a cocktail using, 1/3 of Happy Blooming Bath Melt and 1/3 of The Comforter.  Never tried this particular combo before but I have to say it wasn't too bad! The bath melt left my skin feeling amazingly soft and moisturised, no need to bother moisturising afterwards either which was a bonus. The comforter left the bath a very pink colour and the bubbles were nice too which should help the bath not be greasy from the melt. The scent of blackcurrant was the strongest in the bath and really helped me to relax in the tub.

Would I recommend the cocktail? Well if you have both products knocking about why not, its relaxing and moisturising but not overly so leaving you greasy.

Happy Blooming - £3.60 - 65g
The Comforter - £3.95 - 200g

12 September 2010

Review: ELF - Studio Pressed Powder

They say ~ "The Silky formula melts into the skin for adjustable coverage. Apply alone or over foundation for a flawlessly smooth and natural-looking finish. The portable makeup compact and sponge is convenient for on-the-go touchups".

I say ~ Got this in my 20% off studio haul but its totally the wrong colour for me. I thought it would have matched me well but apparently I am paler than I thought! I got sand which is the second lightest shade, if I were to repurchase this then I would be getting ivory. The packaging is quite bulky though for the amount of product which is contained in it (9g) I think that is partcially because it has a compartment underneth the powder where you can store the puff. The puff itself feels incredibly cheap and itsnt up to much use but thats not too much of a problem as you can easily slip another one in there should you need to. The mirror in there is quite handy although it could have been bigger.

Would I buy again ~ Possibly, I do like the product its packaging is hard wearing so good for your handbag. If there is another offer on then I would get it although this time in the correct shade!

£3.50 - 9g


10 September 2010

Swatch: ELF - Nail Polish - Nude

So this is the polish in nude, its a really light and sheer colour which makes it perfect for a french manicured look. Other than that I don't have much to say on it! Good price and serves its purpose well.

£1.50 for 10ml

9 September 2010

Review: ELF - Daily Brush Cleaner

They say ~ "An anti-bacterial daily brush cleanser for quick cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Helps to keep your brushes lasting longer for extended use".

I say ~ The bottle is nice but the spray isnt very controlled so you have to make sure the brush is right up against the spray. Its smells of flowers and alcohol but its not an awful scent. I got this a while back when there was 20% off the studio items so got it a bit cheaper. I find that it is so good for using on eyeshadow brushes after using them for that day as I often switch colours from day to day. It is quick and cleans the brushes a treat in between deep cleanses. I did however find that it was a bit useless at cleaning up my elf studio powder brush which I'd used for my foundation that is hard to get off anyway. Also didnt really work on larger powder brushes for me.

Would I buy it again ~ I think that purely for the convience of making my eyeshadow brushes clean in between uses I would buy it again. It even gets out glitter from shimmery shadows which is really good!

£3.50 - 250ml


8 September 2010

Review: Pantene Smooth and Sleek Intensive Treatment

They say ~ "PANTENE Smooth and Sleek Intensives Treatment. Pantene’s intensive conditioning mask that helps you turn dry, straight or wavy hair into beautifully smooth and silky hair throughout the day"

I say ~ Well I am on the look out for an intensive conditioner to use once a week and while this was a nice enough normal conditoner it wasnt anything special. Bit annoying coming in a jar like this though as mid shower you end up filling it up with water. Smelt nice and traditional, had the same sort of effect on my hair as herbal essences conditioner. Nothing spectacular.

Would I buy it again ~ No I wouldnt, it was on offer for £2 when I bought it from Superdrug but was supposed to be £4 which I wouldnt pay as it doesnt live up to the expectations of an intensive conditioner.

£4 - 150ml


7 September 2010

Swatch: Models Own - Matte Black

So this was part of my haul from Models Own 50% off sale. The polish itself was the same as the others I found, when it dried it did look matte. I had to do three coats of the polish to make sure it wasn't patchy. The photo above was taken a day after painting it on and as you can see the polish doesn't look very matte. It did for about 12 hours and then seemed to loose its matte finish. Admittedly it isn't as shiny as a typical black polish but certainly not matte.

I wouldn't buy this again because I have enough black polishes already and it didn't turn out to be as matte as it should have been. Its a nice enough polish but had I of paid £5 for it I wouldn't be best pleased. I would recommend it to someone just looking for a black polish but not a matte one.

14ml - £5


6 September 2010

Review: Lush - Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic

They say ~ "The Fizzbanger has the Love fragrance, a perfume from 'B', but it's separated in this ballistic. First, you get the scent of sweet apples; then, you get a hit of cinnamon and toffee. When you drop it into the bath, the water changes colour again and again, from yellow to blue to a deep green. Like all of our new ballistics, it takes ages to fizz away, so you get to enjoy the experience for longer"


I say ~ For some reason mine was all broken by the time I got to use it, seemed as if there were a yellow shell on it. It did still change colour three times, yellow to blue and then green. I wouldn't say it lasted particularly long though before it had fizzed away, and there were a few bubbles which sharply disappeared for me. There was a nice little surprise floating about in the bath though which was annoying, little bit of paper saying 'bang' not expecting that so to find it floating about was a surprise. There was very little scent I found, afterwards my skin did smell lightly of petitgrain oil which is a little fresh and a little earthy.

Would I recommend it ~ Well I don't see why not for me though its very bleh and I wouldn't buy it again. Nice to try new things but this wasn't anything special for me personally.

200g - £2.95


5 September 2010

Bitten the stamping plate bullet

I finally have bitten the bullet and bought me a couple of konad plates and a stamper / scrapper. I hope I can work it out. Sure I'll post photos of my efforts once I have tried!

Nails: Chocolate French

Inspired by the lovely Jelena over at Makeup for Everyone
Bit of a chocolate french manicure style going on using;
ELF - Smokey Brown
ELF - Chocolate

4 September 2010

Review: Models Own - Blusher - Cheeky Pink


They say ~ "Get a warm natural glow with Models Own's soft powder blushers"

I say ~ The packaging on this blusher was surprisingly sturdy. I would easily throw it in my handbag and not worry about it getting damaged. While there isnt a clasp to hold it shut it stays shut through the hinge. I like how it is see through you can easily see what colour your picking up although it would have been nice to see a mirror with this. The shade I bought was Cheeky Pink which is a nice soft pink colour, it isn't so pigmented so that's something to keep in mind. The package itself is quite bulky in the hand, but this is because of the thick plastic.

Would I buy it again ~ I do like the colour once applied to the cheeks, I would usually say that £5 for a blush is out of my budget but as I bought this during the Models Own Facebook 50% off sale so it wasn't too bad. Also Boots the chemist often do two for £8 deals which is good as well.

5g - £5 - Models Own / Boots