28 September 2010

Lusting After: Barry M Black Magic

Wow this nail varnish is amazing, someone on twitter posted a link and I just have to have it! Thing is its no where to be found in store yet. Anyone know where I can buy it other than online???

Barry M - Black Magic (np311)


  1. Oooooh Barry M did it again!In a good way!I think you can find it in the BarryM website: http://www.barrym.com/products/product.asp?id=155

  2. Doesnt it look amazing! I was hoping to buy it in a shop to avoid the p&p but its not looking good!

  3. Very much needing this!!

  4. Oh my, I have to have this!! It's so cool!!! You're killing me now lol!

  5. Yeah it is cute, (the pic) thought it would be better than my ugly mug lol!

    I heard you can buy it in superdrug so I will be peeking in there soon. Not sure about where you might be able to find it though?


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