29 September 2010

Review: L'Oreal - Perfect Clean Wash Exfoliating


They say ~ "Pop Me Out. The Scrublet. Soft, flexible brush + Foaming Gentle Scrub. Clean sensation. Pores look smaller. Velvety smooth skin. Perfect Clean. Foaming Gentle Scrub. Exfoliating. All Skin Types. New Intense Cleansing."

I say ~ Okay so I am a bit of a sucker for the scrublet, I wouldn't usually go out and buy something like this as I am a lushie at heart and am quite happy with my facial routine. I often use an avon facial scrub for times when I feel my face needs a little extra scrubbing. So first things first, the bottle is smaller than I imagined and with the hole for the scrublet it makes for even less product that you would imagine. The scrublet feels really rubbery and soft, has little teeth which are soft and you rub those on your face. Feels really weird when its wet, but that's probably just me!

And this is where I think that the problem lies with this product, it is supposedly an exfoliating wash however if you use it with the scrublet then you wont actually be rubbing the little scrubbing grains off your face and so that renders them useless. It is an good wash regardless of that but does sort of defeat the object of being an exfoliating wash.

The scent is a little like apricots, very mild though. Afterwards my skin felt really smooth and clean, not squeeky clean though. Was really smooth and soft and really helped to provide a smooth base to apply make up too, so I do agree on the their selling point of velvety smooth skin, but not the exfoliating point.

Would I recommend it ~ For the RRP of almost £5, simply put no I wouldn't recommend it you can find better products on the market for the price. Although if you can get it cheaper on an offer then you may as well give it a go. I bought mine in Asda for £3 which is about the most I would pay for this product. I do want to try the blue one though for oily skin at some point as it might be more suitable for my skin, and seeing as it doesn't have the scrubby grit in it, I don't suppose it will be as useless on that front.

£4.99 - 150ml


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