20 September 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail

Another sunday means that I had another Lush bath. This week I chose to try out the Bath Ballistic called Keep it Fluffy in purple, it also comes in orange. I decided to pair it with 1/4 of Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds Bubble Bar. The combo seemed to work quite nicely together and the colour was nice as well.

They say ~
Keep it Fluffy - Like Think Pink, Keep It Fluffy is sweet, but it has a subtle jasmine kick to it that gives it a bit of an edge. It creates a layer of creamy froth as it fizzes into fragrance.
Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds - Calming, grounding, swirly blue and white bar for peaceful baths. A bath in superbly relaxing patchouli scented Blue Skies water is as relaxing as meditating in the peaceful garden of a Far Eastern temple, while enjoying the scents of the exotic blooms cultivated there.

I say ~ The bubbles were nice and lasted a while, the colour as I said was a nice lilic colour. As for the effect on my skin, well there wasnt one really. Not drying but not moisturising either. The scent of jasmine lasted well on my skin which is something that I liked. Over all the smell wafting from the bath was of patchouli.

Keep it Fluffy - £2.25 - 90g

Overall rating for the cocktail - 8/10

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