6 September 2010

Review: Lush - Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic

They say ~ "The Fizzbanger has the Love fragrance, a perfume from 'B', but it's separated in this ballistic. First, you get the scent of sweet apples; then, you get a hit of cinnamon and toffee. When you drop it into the bath, the water changes colour again and again, from yellow to blue to a deep green. Like all of our new ballistics, it takes ages to fizz away, so you get to enjoy the experience for longer"

I say ~ For some reason mine was all broken by the time I got to use it, seemed as if there were a yellow shell on it. It did still change colour three times, yellow to blue and then green. I wouldnt say it lasted particularly long though before it had fizzed away, and there were a few bubbles which sharply disappeared for me. There was a nice little suprise floating about in the bath though which was annoying, little bit of paper saying 'bang' not expecting that so to find it floating about was a suprise. There was very little scent I found, afterwards my skin did smell lightly of petitgrain oil which is a little fresh and a little earthy.

Would I recommend it ~ Well I dont see why not for me though its very bleh and I wouldnt buy it again. Nice to try new things but this wasnt anything special for me personally.

200g - £2.95


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