4 September 2010

Review: Models Own - Blusher - Cheeky Pink


They say ~ "Get a warm natural glow with Models Own's soft powder blushers"

I say ~ The packaging on this blusher was surprisingly sturdy. I would easily throw it in my handbag and not worry about it getting damaged. While there isnt a clasp to hold it shut it stays shut through the hinge. I like how it is see through you can easily see what colour your picking up although it would have been nice to see a mirror with this. The shade I bought was Cheeky Pink which is a nice soft pink colour, it isn't so pigmented so that's something to keep in mind. The package itself is quite bulky in the hand, but this is because of the thick plastic.

Would I buy it again ~ I do like the colour once applied to the cheeks, I would usually say that £5 for a blush is out of my budget but as I bought this during the Models Own Facebook 50% off sale so it wasn't too bad. Also Boots the chemist often do two for £8 deals which is good as well.

5g - £5 - Models Own / Boots

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