2 September 2010

Swatch: Models Own - Gun Grey

Okay so I got sucked in by the model's own 50% off sale like a lot of you. I got a couple of polishes, blusher and a retractable brush. Anyhow, this particular polish goes on really nicely, the above photo is 3 coats in natural light with no flash. Its a nice shiny grey colour and it didnt chip easily, lasted about 3 days on my nails without a top coat. Would have been £5 a bottle but they often have deals on in Boots. Wouldn't pay the full price but for £2.50 its worth it.
14ml - £5

I am still though on the hunt for a reasonable priced mirror effect nail varnish!


  1. It almost looks black! Or does it look like that just on the pic?


  2. Your right actually it does look darker than a mirrored surface. I like darker things so I'm quite pleased about it, not as dark as in the picture though :)


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