7 September 2010

Swatch: Models Own - Matte Black

So this was part of my haul from Models Own 50% off sale. The polish itself was the same as the others I found, when it dried it did look matte. I had to do three coats of the polish to make sure it wasnt patchy. The photo above was taken a day after painting it on and as you can see the polish doesnt look very matte. It did for about 12 hours and then seemed to loose its matte finish. Admitedly it isnt as shiney as a typical black polish but certainly not matte.

I wouldnt buy this again because I have enough black polishes already and it didnt turn out to be as matte as it should have been. Its a nice enough polish but had I of paid £5 for it I wouldnt be best pleased. I would recommend it to someone just looking for a black polish but not a matte one.

14ml - £5



  1. Shame it didnt work so well!
    Im glad you posted this because I was going to buy it tomorrow lol

  2. Too bad that it didn't turn out as you hoped, but at least it looks nice, black nail polishes always look nice. :-)

  3. Yeah I do have a soft spot for black nail polishes anyway :p


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