8 September 2010

Review: Pantene Smooth and Sleek Intensive Treatment

They say ~ "PANTENE Smooth and Sleek Intensives Treatment. Pantene’s intensive conditioning mask that helps you turn dry, straight or wavy hair into beautifully smooth and silky hair throughout the day"

I say ~ Well I am on the look out for an intensive conditioner to use once a week and while this was a nice enough normal conditoner it wasnt anything special. Bit annoying coming in a jar like this though as mid shower you end up filling it up with water. Smelt nice and traditional, had the same sort of effect on my hair as herbal essences conditioner. Nothing spectacular.

Would I buy it again ~ No I wouldnt, it was on offer for £2 when I bought it from Superdrug but was supposed to be £4 which I wouldnt pay as it doesnt live up to the expectations of an intensive conditioner.

£4 - 150ml


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