12 October 2010

ELF: All over cover stick comparison

 Apricot Beige | Light Beige

I am trying to find the right shade of ELF's all over cover sticks for me, they brought out some new shades (well new to me) and so my original choice of apricot beige being too dark am looking for something lighter. I realise that on my hand one looks too light and the other too dark but on my face that is different. I presumed that light beige would have been lighter than apricot beige however it is quite clearly a fair bit darker. Looks more pink toned and warmer than the yellow toned apricot beige.


  1. Where does Rosy Beige stand when compared to these 2? Is it lighter or darker? I own it and it matches me pretty well! :)

  2. Well I dont actually have that one but I think that it is darker / warmer toned than both of these two.


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