18 October 2010

ELF Eye Primer: Standard Vs Mineral pt.1

Again I thought seeing as I had both of these products I would compare them and see how each of them worked in comparison to one another. The two pictures below are just after make up is applied.

I found both of them to be nice and smooth and so they glided on nicely and blended in well to my own skin tone. Both are a thiner consistancy than Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I thought that they both settled in transit but nothing a quick stir of the tube didnt fix. The standard one didnt have a scent where as the mineral one, to me smelt like emulsion paint which was a little odd seeing as you have to stick it so near your eye!
Not sure if you can tell from the photos but I did find that the mineral primer helped the colour of the eyeshadow pop a little more, making it look a more intense smokey colour. The difference however is subtle.

This picture was taken four hours later, as you can see there is creasing on both eyes. It iss clean to see that the mineral primer had helped the eye liner stay on better and it has all but gone on the left eye. The shadow colour is also more intense despite creasing on the right eye.

This one was eight hours later, and I look a mess! Both eyes are hideously creased and the standard primed eye barely even looks like I used a primer. The mineral primed eye looks exceptionally oily as well it has helped the eyeliner stay but not the eyeshadow.

I have to say that both are a bit rubbish, I think I will have to try again testing them both out but using an actual eyeshadow rather than a shadow/smoke pen. That creases awfully bad as it is. I will have to test that out with Urban Decay Primer Potion as well, but that is a different blog all together! Which can be found HERE


  1. I use the normal primer and then use a MAC paintpot as a base and it works pretty well for me..even well into the evening when my MU has faded my eyes are still going strong :D

  2. Wow great comparison post! Thanks for doing this one :) Your eyelashes are amazing! Wish I could make mine that dramatic and purdy! I have both the UDPP and the standard ELF primer and haven't really used the UDPP enough to make my mind up about it. I am surprised that the standard primer faded so much in your photos though, mine usually manages to last around 12 hours (by the time I come to take my make up off at night I think it's well over 12 hours, and there is definitely creasing, but not that much!) Perhaps it's to do with the shadow / smoke pen? (BTW what is that? Never heard of it before!)

    Anyway I seem to have gone on an awful lot. Great post :) Xxx

  3. @ zebyk Thanks for that about my eyelashes :) I think it was down to the smokey pen thing I was using, its one from ELF the one in smoke and black. It seems to crease and fade something chronic! Going to have to test them both out again using something else. x

  4. Ahh from the Studio line? I have the moss / green one. I quite like it...in a kind of ahhh in a big rush or just out from gym & CBA kinda way. The liner side of mine doesn't really show up...well anywhere on my lids really so although I really like the colour, I dunno if I'll buy another one...although I do quite like the new purple-y one they have! Xxx

  5. Yep thats the one. I was wanting the new purple one as well but after the awful creasing with the other one I am in two minds.

  6. I have the mineral one and the one with the liner sealer. I love the mineral one. But to be fair my eyelids are not so oily. BTW. I can't wait for your review about the corrective palette by ELF, I had my eye on that one. I saw ELF's studio mist and set on your wishlist and I bought the model in a bottle make up setting spray just recently and since just now elf released the studio mist and set, I had to buy it. I will definitely review them as soon as I get the e.l.f one. So stay tuned for that one hun <3<3 :)


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